We all know lingerie is figure-enhancing undergarments that women usually wear. Like any other piece of clothing, pulling off lingerie has some basic etiquettes to follow. You must take care of things like size, fit, colour etc.

There are many of us that feel confused about many things related to the under garments like bra or underwear. Here at Mystique we have compiled some

FAQ about lingerie to help you.

Q. How do I know the perfect size of my bra?

A. The quandary could bring any of us to our wit’s end. But finding the right answer seems impossible. The availability of a wide range of sizes in different brands makes it difficult to find the perfect one for you.

You should look in the mirror, what do you see? If the bra looks perfect and feels comfortable its likely to be the perfect fit.

However if this is not the case and the bra is uncomfortable, the back band is riding up, the straps are sliding off your shoulders, the gore , (middle section) between the two breasts is not sitting flat, there is a bulge of breast tissue in any of the following areas;

above the top of bra, to the sides and the back, then the chances are that your bra is the wrong size, style and shape for you.

If your bra is the perfect fit then the Gore will sit flat in the middle of your chest, the band will not ride up, the straps will not be sliding off your shoulders.

If the band rides up, one of the reasons for this could be that if you are wearing a 36D you probably need to go down a band size to a 34 C/D depending on whether the gore is sitting flat and the breast tissue is not spilling out over the top, sides and back of the bra.

The solution to this is to visit us here at Mystique where one of our team will be able to look at the fit of your current bra and advise you on the best size, style and which brand to suit your body shape.

There are so many different styles, shapes and brands available.

Something to remember when buying a bra is that just because you are a 36G in one brand you will not necessarily be the same size in another brand and most definitely not in a different style.

A plunge bra will fit very differently to a balcony bra, full cup quite different fit to a heart shape bra.

The style and brand you will probably feel most comfortable in will be dependent on the size of your bust.

Smaller busted ladies tend to prefer a padded, plunge/push up or heart shape bra.

Larger busted ladies tend to prefer a full cup bra without moulding.

A note to remember here with moulding, this is quite different to padding, moulding gives a smooth shape, where padding gives extra volume for the smaller busted ladies.

Q. How many times should I replace my bras with new ones?

A. The replacement of bras depends on your size.

If you are a plus size woman, you would have to replace it more often (6 to 9 months).

For a petite or slim body, you can use them for about 18 months.

Q. How frequently should I wash my new bra? And can I machine-wash it?

A. After one to 3 wears you should wash your bra, as the oils from your body can break down the elastin. A gentle hand-wash is recommended. (At Mystique we recommend that you use ‘Soak’, which we always have in stock.) If you insist on machine-washing, make sure you use a wash bag on a cold gentle cycle. Never tumble dry or use fabric conditioner.

Q. Why do I need to be re-fitted if I already know my size?

A. Finding the right bra size and style is our job at Mystique. However, it is important to be fitted when you buy a new bra as hormones, weight loss and gain can all affect your bra size and different bra styles will fit differently.

Q. Can I continue to wear an underwire bra while pregnant?

A. Around three to four months pregnant you will notice a change in your bust. This is when we recommend you stop wearing an underwire bra as it can place pressure on milk ducts and soft tissue, potentially blocking milk flow and leading to nasty infections. Traditional bras also do not have the room for the diaphragm to grow during pregnancy. Increase in weight and size of the breast during pregnancy causes skin to stretch and the breast to drop, therefore it is important to be fitted for your maternity bra.

Q. Can Mystique still help with bra fitting and advice after breast surgery?

A. After breast surgery, women have special needs. Mystique has professionally trained staff to help you with advice and personalised fitting. We can help with mastectomy bra inserts to restore confidence and feminine contours.

Bra Myths

Bra Myth 1: I am wearing the right size bra and its X.

Chances are, you are not wearing the right bra size – roughly 85% of women are in the wrong bra, and even for the lucky 15%, it is almost impossible to just have one bra size. Every woman has weight fluctuations throughout the year, and unless women are being re-fitted roughly every six months, they are probably wearing the wrong size.

If you are not sure that you are wearing the wrong size, here are a couple of tell-tale signs to look for:

  • Do your breasts look weird underneath your shirt, like they are sticking out over the top? That is a key indicator that you are wearing the cup size too small, and that your breasts are spilling over the bra, and are not fully supported.
  • You lift your arm above your head and look at the wire of your bra, how far back is it going? If your cup is not actually covering your entire breast along the side of your body, this is another sign that you are wearing a cup that is too small. Another key indicator here is if you have skin spilling over the sides of your bra.
  • Do your straps dig into your shoulders? If so, you are probably wearing the back too large, and your breasts are not getting enough support.
  • Do the cups of your bra stick out from your breast and bunch up in certain areas? This is a sign that you are wearing the cup size too large and should go down a size.

Bra Myth 2: All bras are the same.

Once you have worked out your size range, you will quickly find that some bras work better for you than others. There are a variety of bra types out there, the main ones being:

  • Full Cup: These are bras that go all the way up your breast at an angle, covering a great deal of your breast. Here at Mystique one of our most popular full cup bra is the ‘Deauville, which has a 3-part cup, giving a superb fit for the larger busted lady.
  • Balconette Cup: These bras also sometimes called “shelf” bras, are cut almost horizontally across the breast, rather than along the top. These bras cover much less tissue than full-cup and are also called demi-cup or half-cup bras.
  • Plunge: These bras cut away dramatically at the inside of the breast and cut further down into the cleavage, allowing you to wear V-cut tops without your bra showing. Depending on your size, certain types might work better for you: for example, a woman with a smaller cup size may struggle with full- cup bras, as the fabric might often “wrinkle” over the breast if the cup does not match your breast shape exactly. A balconette or a triangle bra might work better, depending upon your shape. Larger sizes may find difficulties with balconette bras, as their breast tissue might spill over the top, creating the unfortunate “double boob” effect. You should experiment with different bra types to find out which work best for you.
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